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strategiststrat‧e‧gist /ˈstrætɪdʒɪst/ AWL noun [countable]  PMPLANsomeone who is good at planning things, especially military or political actions
Examples from the Corpus
strategistThe parties' interest groups, backers, funders and strategists wanted these two men to win.The attack strategists of the Grand Old Party have a point.Karpov is extremely hard to beat, a great defender and a brilliant strategist, whose play resembles that of Capablanca.People could be fooled because these types were very clever strategists, especially when they became bored.This argument is crucial, if not yet fully absorbed, by the Conservatives' current strategists.Bouyant Democratic strategists were talking about taking back the House.Such groups spent at least $ 70 million, much of it on advertising, according to interviews with key political strategist.If the campaign has been logical to the strategists, the public perception is that it has been awful.
From Longman Business Dictionarystrategiststrat‧e‧gist /ˈstrætədʒɪst/ noun [countable] someone whose job is developing a plan, especially in business, political, or military mattersHe’s the company’s chief market strategist.
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