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strategystrat‧e‧gy /ˈstrætɪdʒi/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun (plural strategies)  1 [countable]PLANWAY/METHOD a planned series of actions for achieving something the government’s long-term economic strategy a company’s business strategystrategy for doing something a strategy for dealing with crimestrategy to do something a strategy to attract younger audiences to jazzsee thesaurus at method, plan, way2 PMPLAN[countable, uncountable] the skill of planning the movements of armies in a war, or an example of this military strategies It is the general’s role to develop overall strategy.3 [uncountable]PLAN skilful planning in general The company must first resolve questions of strategy.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesan economic strategyThe government has changed its economic strategy.a business strategyThis is a high-risk business strategy.a marketing strategyThe firm is considering a change in its marketing strategy.a political strategyBaldwin’s political strategy was almost totally successful.a coping strategyTherapists can show a child new coping strategies.a survival strategyHe says his father’s withdrawal was a survival strategy.a successful/effective strategyThe most successful strategy is often the simplest one.a clear/coherent strategyIt is important that the company has a clear strategy.a high-risk strategyThe expansion plan is a high-risk strategy.a long-term strategyThe closure of these branches is part of our long-term strategy.verbsuse a strategy (also employ a strategy formal)What strategies do you use to deal with these problems?adopt a strategy (=start to use it)Both players adopted the same strategy.devise/work out a strategy (also formulate a strategy formal)We had to devise strategies for saving money.develop a strategyGroups can help members develop new coping strategies.evolve a strategyThe creatures which live in the river have evolved strategies for surviving sudden floods.pursue/follow a strategy (=do a particular planned series of actions)They are pursuing different strategies.implement a strategy formal (=do a series of actions that you or someone else has planned)The firm faces several challenges as it seeks to implement that strategy.a strategy worksThe Government’s economic strategy was not working.
Examples from the Corpus
strategyThe final score of a strategy was the sum of the points it gained against all the other strategies.a strategy to reduce the level of teenage smokingPublic entrepreneurs use a number of basic strategies to build mission-driven organizations.Secondly, it will evaluate the impact of government economic strategies within each area.the President's long-term economic strategyIf Son has a grand strategy for extracting more value out of his ragbag of assets, it is hard to spot.Murdoch bought several TV stations, as part of his strategy for building a media empire.learning strategiesWe need a new strategy for increasing our sales in Europe.The company needs to focus on strategy.The rebels' strategy of guerrilla warfare has been remarkably successful.We will continue to update our sales strategy.The government has no long-term strategy for reducing crime.Events and issues shape the strategy.The strategies in Axelrod's computer were definitely unconscious.Try these strategies to prevent these words from ever being uttered:-First, make all rules absolutely clear!But ultimately, Ryan said, this would not prove a wise strategy.economic strategyMaynard Smith tried pitting different genetic strategies against each other in the same way that economists do with different economic strategies.Secondly, it will evaluate the impact of government economic strategies within each area.An outline of the current national economic strategy is provided by the Minister of Industry and Commerce.Thus neither the causes nor consequences of this type of economic strategy can be said to be specifically local.Dole aides have said the candidate may propose broader income tax cuts later this year as part of his long-range economic strategy.In bureaucratic terms, Armstrong was the keystone in the arch of Heath's economic strategy from the autumn of 1972.Governments can find their economic strategies in tatters when the markets lose confidence and rush for the exit.The appointment of supporters on the Cabinet committee dealing with economic strategy has already been noted.overall strategyThis is a good determinant for overall strategy.Case will take responsibility for overall strategy and deal-making in his role as company chairman.In the meantime, it is presently developing its overall strategy.Each was capable in his way but no overall strategy for 1915 was devised between them.Each practice area strategy should also be consistent with the firm's overall strategy.Playing chess is not simply about how the pieces move, it is about the overall strategy.Moreover, it alerts us to the fact that short-sighted tactics may thwart the overall strategy.As new ideas come up during preparations the chart will help you assess their potential within the overall strategy.
From Longman Business Dictionarystrategystrat‧e‧gy /ˈstrætɪdʒi/ noun (plural strategies)1[countable]COMMERCE a plan or series of plans for achieving an aim, especially success in business or the best way for an organization to develop in the futurethe group’s acquisition strategyThe Chancellor favours a high interest rate strategy.strategy forWe need to develop a strategy for marketing the company’s products in each locality.a strategy for growth2[uncountable] the process of skilful planning in generalCompetitive strategy has two weapons: price and differentiation. brand extension strategy business strategy competitive strategy corporate strategy harvesting strategy operating strategy pull strategy push strategy