Language: Old English
Origin: streaw


Related topics: Drink, Plants, Crops
straw S3
a) [uncountable]HBPTA the dried stems of wheat or similar plants that animals sleep on, and that are used for making things such as baskets, hats etc [↪ hay]:
a straw hat
b) [countable]HBP a single dried stem of straw
2 [countable]DFD a thin tube of paper or plastic for sucking up liquid from a bottle or a cup:
She sipped her lemonade through a straw.

the last straw

also the straw that breaks the camel's back the last problem in a series of problems that finally makes you give up, get angry etc:
Making me work late on Friday was the last straw.

be clutching/grasping at straws

to be trying everything you can to succeed, even though the things you are doing are not likely to help or work

straw in the wind

British English a sign of what might happen in the future:
There have been a few straws in the wind suggesting things might be getting a little better.

straw man

American English a weak opponent or imaginary argument that can easily be defeated

➔ draw the short straw

at draw1 (29)

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