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strawberrystraw‧ber‧ry /ˈstrɔːbəri $ ˈstrɒːberi, -bəri/ ●●● S3 noun (plural strawberries) [countable]  strawberry.jpg HBPDFa soft red juicy fruit with small seeds on its surface, or the plant that grows this fruit
Examples from the Corpus
strawberryIt was a strawberry cake or a custard cake.Most alpine strawberry varieties don't produce runners, a bane for gardeners who want to keep their berry patch under control.Two 2.5-litre tubs of yogurt cost £11 and are available in chocolate, vanilla, peach Melba, lemon and strawberry flavours.Everything was here, dogwood, holly, cherry, buckthorn, sloe and even strawberry.Place sandwiches on a plate and garnish with a sliced strawberry or mint leaves.She was accused of being a Salem witch for selling her soul to the devil at the strawberry banks.However, you may find that all you need to do is gently wipe the strawberries with absorbent kitchen paper.Horseradish was used for coughs and colds, wild strawberry for anaemia and nervousness and honeysuckle was the first example of aspirin.
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