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streetcarstreet‧car /ˈstriːtkɑː $ -kɑːr/ noun [countable] American English  TTRa type of bus that runs on electricity along metal tracks in the road syn tram British English
Examples from the Corpus
streetcarThe answer is as obvious as the sign on a streetcar - it is a business man.More aptly, he can turn them on and off in the body like a conductor runs a streetcar along a track.The project, adjacent to the Ferry Building, will also include streetcar tracks for the Muni F line.The accidents, which involved streetcars and cable cars, caused $ 3. 6 million in damages and injured 10 people.The lighted streetcars were crammed with passengers on their way to work.I used another punch on my new Muni ride card to take the first rumbling Market streetcar headed west.He lived in his own home rather than a secured gubernatorial mansion and took a public streetcar to his office each day.And then they saw him getting off the streetcar and raced to meet him.
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