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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstreetwisestreet‧wise /ˈstriːtwaɪz/ adjective  able to deal with the dangerous situations and people that are common in some cities and towns
Examples from the Corpus
streetwiseAnd Judith Steinway's streetwise Brooklyn fiction, delivered in staccato tones, surprised me also by its quality.The sidewalk swarmed with streetwise children.Copeland is a streetwise cop who knows how to take care of himself.a streetwise detectiveMeh'Lindi's rented, streetwise duo guaranteed her much more anonymity; as to her motives, they exhibited no interest whatever.Here we have the concept of the maverick, the hero innovator, the streetwise entrepreneur, that several speakers have described.At once regal and streetwise, Erykah Badu made quite an entrance at the Bayou here a few weeks ago.But their hard, streetwise experience gave their big break.He seemed very streetwise for a kid who had just left school.He seemed very streetwise for a kid who had just left school.Zachar is a streetwise guy from New York, a gambler who grew up playing the horses at Belmont Park.And so the streetwise Mr Adams, this time, was expected to keep his seat.Kids these days are much more streetwise than we ever were at their age.
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