Language: Old English
Origin: strengthu


Related topics: Meteorology, Oceanography
strength S2 W2


[uncountable] the physical power and energy that makes someone strong [≠ weakness]
have/find the strength to do something
She didn't even have the strength to stand up.
I'm trying to build up my strength.
He never ceased to be amazed by her physical strength.


[uncountable] the quality of being brave or determined in dealing with difficult or unpleasant situations
have/find the strength to do something
Jenny didn't have the strength to end the relationship.
She had enormous strength of character (=strong ability to deal with difficult situations).
strength of mind/purpose
The sea was very cold and it required great strength of mind to get in.
I think you have to find an inner strength in order to feel good about yourself.

➔ tower of strength

at tower1 (3)


[uncountable] how strong a feeling, belief, or relationship is [= depth]
strength of
Governments cannot ignore the strength of public opinion.
We understand the strength of feeling against the proposal.

organization/country etc

[uncountable] the political, military, or economic power of an organization, country, or system
strength of
the strength of the US economy
The socialists organized a show of strength (=when a country or organization shows how strong it is).

useful quality or ability

[countable] a particular quality or ability that gives someone or something an advantage [≠ weakness]:
Her main strength is her critical thinking ability.
strength of
The great strength of our plan lies in its simplicity.
Be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses.


[uncountable] how strong an object or structure is, especially its ability to last for a long time without breaking [≠ weakness]
strength of
a device for testing the strength of concrete structures


[uncountable and countable] how strong a substance or mixture is:
Add water to dilute the solution to the required strength.
full-strength/half-strength/double-strength etc
Young plants can be fed with half-strength liquid fertilizer.

number of people

[uncountable] the number of people in a team, army etc:
The Edinburgh team are now at full strength.
below strength
The police force is below strength at the moment (=there are fewer police than there should be).
in strength
Security forces were out in strength (=in large numbers) but did not intervene.


[uncountable] the value of a country's money when compared to other countries' money
strength of
the strength of the dollar on the international money markets

on the strength of something

because of something:
I bought the book on the strength of your recommendation.

position of strength

a position where you have an advantage over someone, especially in a discussion:
We must negotiate from a position of strength.

go from strength to strength

to become more and more successful:
For several years the business went from strength to strength.

natural force

[uncountable]HEOHEM how strong a natural force is:
the strength of the sunlight

colour/light/flavour/smell etc

[uncountable] how strong a colour, taste etc is

give me strength

spoken used when you are annoyed or angry about something

not know your own strength

to not realize how strong you are

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