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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrenuousstren‧u‧ous /ˈstrenjuəs/ adjective  1 DIFFICULTneeding a lot of effort or strength a strenuous climb The doctor advised Ken to avoid strenuous exercise.2 DETERMINEDactive and determined Sherry’s been making a strenuous effort to lose weight.strenuously adverb Barrett strenuously denied rumors that he would resign.
Examples from the Corpus
strenuousThe doctors advised against any strenuous activity for six weeks.He had a strenuous day before him.Rather strenuous debates on religious issues were quite commonplace and Uncle Tommy was always ready to take part.For those who want a less strenuous itinerary, there is an alternate touring and shopping plan for these few days.He had no love for Montpelier last time and it is unkind to require him to make such a strenuous journey.This check up shows he's fully fit to carry out his strenuous lifestyle as a hospital porter.Fernandez was approved as director over the strenuous objections of the faculty.Select the ones you can achieve before graduating to the more strenuous ones.Frequently our younger engineers had leisure activities involving strenuous physical activity.Last season his trainers put him through a strenuous running program.strenuous effortHowever, Britain also provides technical assistance that is tied, although strenuous efforts are made to employ local consultants where possible.Many think that in spite of strenuous efforts by Mill, utilitarianism can not really do justice to the concept of justice.Try thinking of a single international agreement that countries have made more strenuous efforts than were strictly necessary to implement.Despite the strenuous efforts that were made each time to prevent them, accidents would happen.His father emphasized strenuous effort to achieve goals and total obedience to those in authority, and he ranted about corrupt politicians.Some companies are making strenuous efforts to increase the proportion of women at all levels of employment.This document asks doctors to avoid making strenuous efforts to prolong your life if the eventual outcome is known to be terminal.The government made strenuous efforts to upgrade the quality of the teaching profession.
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