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stretch your legs

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstretch your legsstretch your legsinformalWALK to go for a walk, especially after sitting for a long time stretch
Examples from the Corpus
stretch your legsA few of the passengers got off the bus to stretch their legs.Sometimes Alfred allowed Ruth to leave the barge and walk beside the horse on the towpath, to stretch her legs.After so long on the train, we couldn't wait to get out and stretch our legs.Do you feel like stopping here and stretching your legs?Every boy needs to stretch his legs.Gene and the blond boy followed me to stretch their legs.I try to be comfortable; to stretch my legs and think soothing thoughts.He sighed a lot, stretched his legs, cracked his knuckles.She stretched her legs from thigh to toes - and let go.She stretched her legs under the table, feeling the same satisfaction that she felt when she woke that morning.After lunch, eager to stretch our legs, we simply set off walking without a map.
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