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strictly speaking

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrictly speakingstrictly speakingTRUEused to say that something is true if you are going to be very exact and correct about it Strictly speaking, spiders are not insects. strictly
Examples from the Corpus
strictly speakingNeither the input nor the output of a Turing machine can, strictly speaking, be an infinite decimal.Not strictly speaking, because the wedding was in a register office, and you don't have a best man.It is, strictly speaking, conferred by the Constitution.That, he said, was, strictly speaking, inconceivable.However, strictly speaking it is not a number but a physical quantity with units of mol-1.Where there is such an approved standard it is, strictly speaking not mandatory for the manufacturer to comply with it.Strictly speaking, spiders are not insects, although most people think they are.Neither is an inflection of the other, so strictly speaking their differing linguistic origin should dictate separate indices.This was not strictly speaking true.
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