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strike a balance (between something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrike a balance (between something)strike a balance (between something)EQUALto give the correct amount of importance or attention to two separate things He was finding it difficult to strike a balance between his family and his work. It isn’t always easy to strike the right balance. strike
Examples from the Corpus
strike a balance (between something)He decided to strike a balance.The problem of the Volunteer is to strike a balance.In the staffroom, they talk of trying to strike a balance between children seeing teachers as friends, and being over-familiar.Eastin is trying to strike a balance between family life and her work.Accounts receivable management requires striking a balance between the cost of extending credit and the benefit received from extending credit.No one can insure against all eventualities and so you strike a balance between the re- and pro- active aspects of your work.How they strike a balance between the two is at the heart of corporate strategy.The courts have to try to strike a balance between the two.Effective organizations will strike a balance that allows them not only to accept uncertainty but to take advantage of it.
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