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strike a bargain/deal

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrike a bargain/dealstrike a bargain/dealAGREEto agree to do something for someone if they do something for you There are rumors that the president struck a private deal with the corporation’s chairman. strike
Examples from the Corpus
strike a bargain/dealHistorically, an exchange was a physical thing; a room or building where people met to gather information and strike bargains.Orlando, Florida, even struck a deal in which a developer built a new city hall.So we struck a bargain, or at least I thought we had.Ascend recently struck a deal to sell equipment to Pac Bell.Buyer and seller strike a bargain with each individual purchase.The plant strikes a bargain with its emissary.The company initially had struck a deal with Motorola.He struck a deal with the International Postal Union and received a copy of every stamp issued anywhere in the world.
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