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strike gold/oil etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrike gold/oil etcstrike gold/oil etcFINDto find a supply of gold, oil etc in the ground or under the sea If they strike oil, drilling will begin early next year. strike
Examples from the Corpus
strike gold/oil etcOxford City Women's cross country team has struck gold.That's where I struck gold.Within a week of returning he had struck gold.Twigg, the reigning world champ in pursuit, should strike gold again.They struck gold in Kalgorlie in 1893. 100 years on and they're celebrating another major rush.It was like striking gold or falling rapturously in love: he possessed secret knowledge that his Germantown friends could scarcely imagine.If they do strike oil, there will be another test well in about a year's time.You really have struck gold there.
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