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strike somebody as (being) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrike somebody as (being) somethingstrike somebody as (being) somethingSEEMto seem to have a particular quality or feature His jokes didn’t strike Jack as being very funny.it strikes somebody as strange/odd etc that It struck me as odd that the man didn’t introduce himself before he spoke. strike
Examples from the Corpus
strike somebody as (being) somethingAlan and I used to fight - but that was just little boys striking out.They hoped that the very talk of a general strike would act as a restraining influence on militarism.Surely these folks were great pals but that strikes me as a strange way to show it.Jocasta struck him as a typical Hollywood brat, neglected, indulged, selfish and forced to grow up too fast.Mr. West struck me as a very good businessman.It all struck Tish as an exciting ride.She struck me as being a horror in the play.His arguments struck us as completely ridiculous.Thus the strike came as no surprise to those involved.It did strike me as somewhat odd that Ellen would wait so long in life to discover her true orientation.
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