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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrikingstrik‧ing /ˈstraɪkɪŋ/ ●○○ adjective  1 IMPRESSunusual or interesting enough to be easily noticedstriking contrast/similarity/parallel etc a striking contrast between wealth and poverty2 BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGattractive in an unusual way that is easy to notice a dark man with striking features3 [only before noun] not working because of being on strike striking auto workers be within striking distance at strike1(18)
Examples from the Corpus
strikingWith her mass of black hair and pale skin she looked very striking.The lowest ranks of society showed the most striking and significant contrasts.From the outside, the most striking aspect of the building is its tall, slender tower.Celia had striking brown eyes like some Russian icon.There were some striking continuities in terms of the survival of Roman law and custom and language.More striking examples of lawlessness took place in Makarenko's dealings with several local authorities.And indeed, it is the potential complementarity of the views that is their most striking feature.The face in the photograph was striking - good-looking and vivacious.In Hunt's striking portraits of the two sisters, each is shown wearing the cameo.He had a striking profile, with a large nose that reminded people of a Roman statue.It's a tall plant with striking red flowers in early spring, The cave frames a striking view across the bay to Marsalforn and beyond.Tina Wilkinson's striking vocals dart over the aggressive and exuberant title track with charismatic panache.Even at 75, Alice is still a striking woman.striking contrast/similarity/parallel etcAnd there are some striking similarities.So far as the general public is concerned, New Testament history offers a striking contrast.There was a striking similarity between himself and Bull O'Malley.There are several striking similarities between the two, as Table 6.2 shows.The other striking contrast is between holiness and sinfulness.The result was a drawing that has some striking similarities to confessed killer Richard Allen Davis.Lynn Carter presented a striking contrast to her extrovert mate.
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