Language: Old English
Origin: streng


1 noun
Related topics: Daily Life, Computers
string1 S3 W2


[uncountable and countable]D a strong thread made of several threads twisted together, used for tying or fastening things [↪ rope]:
Her key hung on a string around her neck.
a ball of string
I need a piece of string to tie this package.


a) a number of similar things or events coming one after another [= series]
string of
a string of hit albums
b) a group of similar things
string of
She owns a string of health clubs.
c) technicalTD a group of letters, words, or numbers, especially in a computer program

no strings (attached)

having no special conditions or limits on an agreement, relationship etc:
The policy offers 15% interest with no strings attached.

string of pearls/lights/beads etc

DCJDF several objects of the same type connected with a thread, chain etc


a) [countable]APM one of the long thin pieces of wire, nylon etc that is stretched across a musical instrument and produces sound

the strings/the string section

APM the people in an orchestra or band who play musical instruments that have strings, such as violins

first-string/second-string etc

relating to or being a member of a team or group with the highest, second highest etc level of skill:
a first-string quarterback

have somebody on a string

informal to be able to make someone do whatever you want:
Susie has her mother on a string.

have more than one string to your bow

British English to have more than one skill, idea, plan etc that you can use if you need to

; ➔ how long is a piece of string?

at long1 (9)

; ➔ pull strings

at pull1 (8)

; ➔ pull the/somebody's strings

at pull1 (9)

; ➔ the purse strings

at purse1 (5)

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