2 verb
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string2 past tense and past participle strung [transitive]
1 to put things together onto a thread, chain etc:
beads strung on a silver chain
2 [always + adverb/preposition] to hang things in a line, usually high in the air, especially for decoration
string something along/across etc something
Christmas lights were strung from one end of Main Street to the other.

be strung (out) along/across etc something

written to be spread out in a line:
the houses and shops strung out along the bay
4APM to put a string or a set of strings onto a musical instrument

➔ highly-strung

at highly

string along

phrasal verb

string somebody along

to deceive someone for a long time by making them believe that you will help them, that you love them etc:
He's just stringing you along.
2 British English to go somewhere with someone for a short time, especially because you do not have anything else to do
string along with
If you're going into town, I'll string along with you.

string something ↔ out

phrasal verb
informal to make something continue longer than it should:
Rebel leaders attempted to string out negotiations to avoid reaching a settlement.

string something ↔ together

phrasal verb

string words/a sentence together

to manage to say or write something that other people can understand:
He was so drunk he could hardly string two words together.
2 to combine things in order to make something that is complete, good, useful etc:
They string together image after image until the documentary is completed.

string somebody ↔ up

phrasal verb
to kill someone by hanging them

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