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stringystring‧y /ˈstrɪŋi/ adjective  1 DFstringy meat, fruit, or vegetables are full of long thin pieces that are difficult to eattough Scoop out the pumpkin’s stringy fibres.2 DCBTHIN OBJECT OR MATERIALstringy hair is very thin and looks like string, especially because it is dirty3 THIN PERSONtall and thin
Examples from the Corpus
stringyThe chicken was dry and stringy.On my left, three stringy adolescent snakes emerge in unison from a small opening like ground mice.The meat can easily become dry and stringy although, when cooked properly, they are extremely flavorful.stringy arms and knobby wristsHer stringy black hair kept falling in her eyes.He was quite different from the stringy little animals I saw on my daily round.If stringy, push pulp through sieve with back of spoon.This liquid was made by chopping up the roots of an inedible yam which looked like stringy, tough beetroot.
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