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strong-arm tactics/methods etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrong-arm tactics/methods etcstrong-arm tactics/methods etcFORCE somebody TO DO somethingthe use of force or violence, especially when this is not necessary strong-arm
Examples from the Corpus
strong-arm tactics/methods etcA case's merit should not have to depend on strong-arm tactics.Strachan believes they can do it - provided dangerman Lee Chapman gets proper protection against Stuttgart's strong-arm tactics.The prefect at the time, Dominique Vian, could see the advantages of Bena's strong-arm tactics.Also rumoured they used strong-arm tactics during one of Buckmaster's many takeover bids to build up his conglomerate.Others were furious at what they said were government strong-arm tactics over the vote.In this game strong-arm tactics were deployed by both sides to kill five ends and force replays.
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