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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrong-mindedˌstrong-ˈminded adjective  DETERMINEDnot easily influenced by other people to change what you believe or want syn determined They were both strong-minded women.
Examples from the Corpus
strong-mindedHer eyes were a startling violet colour that made her look incredibly strong-minded.Some people feel them as a kind of outrage and violation, and Boden was a strong-minded and passionate man.He's also young and single, strong-minded, and very taken with your sister.Not all women are as strong-minded as my friend.This particular P.C. may be a very strong-minded man and be determined to withstand the pressure being brought upon him.You'd think strong-minded people would be harder to affect.She is a strong-minded woman, however; she got it and she was right.Adele is an independent strong-minded woman.But though they patched up their difference, they did not change; they were both strong-minded women.
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