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strong nose/chin/features

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrong nose/chin/featuresstrong nose/chin/featuresBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGa nose etc that is large and noticeable, especially in an attractive way She has the same strong features as her mother. strong
Examples from the Corpus
strong nose/chin/featuresI think Janir resembles her more, with his dark skin, curly hair and strong features.She liked a man to have strong features.Sunlight reflected from the snow outside flashed off his rimless pince-nez perched on the bridge of his strong nose.She gets my goat sometimes with her long, strong nose and her self-assertion.It actually detracts from one of email's strongest features-simplicity.He had a large square head, strong features, the worried look of a rustic crossing streets in the capital.Beneath the strong nose was a dark moustache, thin and slicked down, which gave him a Latin look.Eyes closed, his strong features were peaceful in repose.
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