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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrong-willedˌstrong-ˈwilled adjective  DETERMINEDknowing exactly what you want to do and being determined to achieve it, even if other people advise you against it opp weak-willed
Examples from the Corpus
strong-willedThis is a strong-willed and sometimes rather aggressive breed, which needs firm handling from puppyhood.They also have a greater tendency to rate themselves as ambitious, highly sexed, strong-willed and well endowed.At seventy-nine, she is as strong-willed as she ever was.She was tall, dark-haired and strong-willed, characteristics which were largely repeated in all of Jack's long-term relationships.Or did they simply doubt his willingness to drive two strong-willed factions toward a resolution?She wondered why strong-willed Miranda was going along with what Adam wanted.the strong-willed party leaderShe was a strong-willed woman, diagnosed as schizophrenic, with a quieter more passive husband.My maternal grandmother was a strong-willed woman.But the story of these two strong-willed women is one of tragedy and struggle.Sally was only 14, but Nick no longer knew how to handle his strong-willed young daughter.
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