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strong wind/current/tide

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrong wind/current/tidestrong wind/current/tideHEMHEOwind, water etc that moves with great force A strong wind was blowing across the lake. strong
Examples from the Corpus
strong wind/current/tideDisadvantages: Lack of volume, thus difficult to sail in all but strong winds.There was a strong wind blowing from the north.Toward late afternoon, a strong wind came up and the sky clouded over.Rip A strong current, commonly experienced on surf beaches.The same materials, thrown into the Martian atmosphere by strong winds, give the Martian sky a pinkish color.Firefighters must contend with steep canyons and the strong winds, not to mention hot and dry conditions.In very strong winds the critical place for ground handling is at the tail.A strong wind was now blowing and there was a loud crack of thunder.
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