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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstronglystrong‧ly /ˈstrɒŋli $ ˈstrɒːŋ-/ ●●○ S3 adverb  1 if you feel or believe in something strongly, you are very sure and serious about it I’m strongly opposed to capital punishment. We strongly believe that she is innocent. I’m strongly in favour of marriage.2 in a way that is meant to persuade someone to do somethingstrongly suggest/advise/recommend something Before taking action, you are strongly recommended to consult an accountant.3 in a way that is easy to notice The house smelt strongly of food.Don’t say ‘hold/grip something strongly’. Use firmly or tightly: He gripped my arm tightly.
Examples from the Corpus
stronglySurviving daguerreotype self-portraits reveal a slim figure with strongly chiselled features.But other aspects of the dinosaur living habits are still more strongly debated.Harold's suit smelled strongly of mothballs.Animal advocates strongly oppose the practice of denying insurance to owners of pit bulls and Rottweilers.As an aside, if the bad-tasting red disks are strongly reinforced, avoiding pain can become more important than seeking pleasure.It is entirely legitimate to criticize the modern hospital system strongly so as to help patients function better within it.The booking of Richard Quinn strongly suggests that connections mean business here.So the Giants do have to get better, and history suggests rather strongly that better means not staying the same.strongly opposed toThey will exchange opinions, becoming united in their views or strongly opposed to each other.But they are strongly opposed to his expected tax on oil, coal and other energy sources.Lungren was strongly opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana.Reluctant to impose yet another local tax, the finance ministry has remained strongly opposed to the new measures.In Ayrshire this July, Systems Three found that four out of five of those polled were strongly opposed to the scheme.The Parish Council were strongly opposed to this development and a letter was sent to the planning officer stating their views.Lewis was strongly opposed to this move.
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