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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstructuredstruc‧tured /ˈstrʌktʃəd $ -ərd/ AWL adjective  carefully organized, planned, or arranged The interviews were highly structured. a structured approach to teaching
Examples from the Corpus
structuredThis structured approach might then be extended to other shapes.The situation has made us aware of the need for a more structured approach to dealing with prisoners' problems.But is this the only way in which a complicated and highly structured civilization can evolve?Such information is organised in records as structured data.First, the problem presented by the client must be of the type that will be responsive to the structured group programme.This can not be achieved through a structured interview or a questionnaire.Both interviewer and respondent are allowed much greater leeway in asking and answering questions than is the case with the structured interview.a structured learning planThis study is important in establishing that structured recording of data improves patient care.The social workers' home visits are highly structured, with specific goals and learning objectives.highly structuredThe school day is highly structured.At first, interviews were highly structured.They are not restricted, as formal databases are, to record material that is highly structured.The operational system appeared, to a certain extent, to be fairly regulated with highly structured and defined job descriptions.It is certainly verified experimentally that the sonic clicks produced are both highly structured and directional.It may be particularly difficult for small firms to provide highly structured and intensive work-based learning experiences.This new paradigm has enabled the development of highly structured and usually brief interventions in many areas of individual emotional problems.But is this the only way in which a complicated and highly structured civilization can evolve?These emphasise trends towards a highly structured, reactive service based on individual protection, especially in child care.
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