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strut your stuff

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrut your stuffstrut your stuffinformalSHOW OFF to show your skill at doing something, especially dancing or performing The band strutted their stuff in a free concert. strut
Examples from the Corpus
strut your stuffI have done nothing to allow it to grow, change or strut its stuff.The presenters strut their stuff behind a podium instead of on a runway.To celebrate, the ensemble will strut their stuff for hometown fans in Ticket to Amsterdam.Look at Dave strutting his stuff on the dance floor.We watched the sixteen year olds strutting their stuff on the dance floor.No, this guy's fault is he had one too many bourbons before getting up to strut his stuff on the dance-floor.He likes to strut his stuff on the stage in the annual Shakespeare production.And, as it happens, I haven't come to watch you strut your stuff on this dubious little contract.Just the thing to stop you from dropping down dead after strutting your stuff to the latest chart topper!And by 1895, the city was ready to strut its stuff when it hosted the Cotton States International Exposition.
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