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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstubbornstub‧born /ˈstʌbən $ -ərn/ ●●○ adjective  1 STUBBORNdetermined not to change your mind, even when people think you are being unreasonable Why are you so stubborn? I’ve got a very stubborn streak (=a tendency to be stubborn). Paul can be as stubborn as a mule (=very stubborn).see thesaurus at determined2 stubborn resistance/refusal/determination etc3 DIFFICULTdifficult to remove, deal with, or use syn tough stubborn stainsstubbornly adverb ‘I don’t care, ’ she said stubbornly.stubbornness noun [uncountable]THESAURUSstubborn refusing to change your mind, even when people think you are wrong or are being unreasonableDave can be really stubborn once he’s made up his mind.a stubborn old manobstinate very stubborn, in way that is annoying and unreasonableI have never met anyone so obstinate.his obstinate refusal to compromisepig-headed informal refusing to change your mind, even when people think that what you want to do is stupidI told her she was making a big mistake but she was too pig-headed to listen.I wish you’d stop being so pig-headed!headstrong very determined to do what you want, often without thinking about the results of your actions – used especially about young peopleAs a girl, she had been lively and headstrong.the headstrong impulsiveness of youthwilful British English (also willful American English) doing what you want, even after you have been told to stop, or when you know that it is wrong – used especially about childrenHe was a spoiled and wilful child, who always got his own way.She was passionate and wilful – exactly the sort of creature a man ought to avoid. ornery American English behaving in an unreasonable and often angry way, especially by doing the opposite of what people want you to doan ornery kidTeenagers can be ornery and rude.
Examples from the Corpus
stubbornA man of great personal charm, he was yet stubborn and pugnacious towards those with whom he disagreed.Jean-Paul can be as a stubborn as a mule.If the nearer accepts it she is branded as a liar at worst and as stubborn at best.To their left was the long forbidding wood with its tangle of trees and stubborn defenders.Your father is so stubborn - he won't listen.We need to do something about Craig, but he's so stubborn I just know he wouldn't listen if we tried to talk to him.She was a stubborn, loyal Aries, the best kind of friend to have.a stubborn old manTax policy would be ruled by stubborn one-third minorities, many among them cruising for policy payoffs to drop their opposition.Despite stubborn opposition, the President managed to raise interest rates.She was behaving like an ostrich about Old Red - and a stubborn ostrich at that!The oil companies face stubborn resistance from environmentalists.Can't you get that into your stubborn skull, Mr Hebden?I was stubborn, so was she.I've got a very stubborn streak and I discovered that I couldn't bear people telling me what I could and couldn't eat.I told him it was a bad idea, but Dave's so stubborn that he just never listens.stubborn weedsstubborn streakLuckily, I had that stubborn streak to give me the determination to do it.
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