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stubborn resistance/refusal/determination etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstubborn resistance/refusal/determination etcstubborn resistance/refusal/determination etca very strong and determined refusal etc a stubborn refusal to face reality stubborn
Examples from the Corpus
stubborn resistance/refusal/determination etcHowever, Wainwright offered stubborn resistance, and responded with some hard hitting from the baseline to level the score at 6-6.What accounted for this stubborn resistance of nationalities to the predicted assimilation?As the family kept vigil, the children saw at close quarters the stubborn determination of their stepmother.After two-and-a-half years of stubborn resistance, the Republic collapsed rapidly during the first three months of 1939.There was no cheering on the part of the men, but a stubborn determination to obey orders and do their duty.Perhaps it was her stubborn refusal to see her family broken up that made Mrs Breen appealing to Farnham.
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