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stuccostuc‧co /ˈstʌkəʊ $ -koʊ/ noun [uncountable]  TBCDHHa type of plaster that is used especially to cover the outside walls of buildings
Examples from the Corpus
stuccoThe house was a stucco bungalow in the heart of Gullane where the captain lived with his sister.He describes a balcony with a balustrade of crumbling stucco, on which sits a struggling jade plant in an earthenware pot.Unlike its neighbours which were built of local stone, the vicarage had been encased in grey stucco early in its life.Harvey's own house in Hayle, Cornwall, is an elegant Regency villa with floral swags in stucco over the windows.Originally the cathedral was decorated all over, inside and out, with mosaic, stucco painting and inlay.At first glance the hotel closely resembled a deserted factory, with narrow, shuttered windows and peeling stucco.Staplegun chicken wire to the walls, slap stucco on top.The walls were stippled with some kind of wartime stucco that had the texture of dried oatmeal.
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