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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstuckstuck1 /stʌk/  x-refthe past tense and past participle of stick1stuckstuck2 ●●○ adjective [not before noun]  1 MOVE/CHANGE POSITIONMOVE something OR somebodyimpossible or unable to move from a particular position Sara tried to open the window but it was stuck. They got stuck in a traffic jam.stuck in The boat was stuck in the mud. I’ve got something stuck in my throat.2 ESCAPE# informal unable to escape from a bad or boring situationstuck in/at Mum resented being stuck at home with two young kids. We could be stuck in this place for days.3 CAN'T informal unable to do any more of something that you are working on because it is too difficult Can you help me with my homework, Dad? I’m stuck.stuck on If you get stuck on a difficult word, just ask for help.4 be stuck with something5 be stuck with somebody6 be stuck for something7 get stuck in/get stuck into something8 be stuck on somebodyTHESAURUSstuck [not before noun] fixed or trapped in a particular position or place and unable to move or be movedI can’t open this drawer – it’s stuck.Sorry I’m late – I got stuck in traffic.jammed [not before noun] stuck and impossible to move – used especially about parts of a machine, or something trapped between two surfacesThe photocopier is jammed again.I put in a 50p coin but it got jammed in the slot.entangled [not before noun] twisted together and unable to be separated – used especially about things such as hair, wire, or string getting caught around somethingThe chain of her necklace was entangled in her hair.Swimming in the river is dangerous because you might get entangled in the weeds.stranded stuck and unable to move from or leave a place – used about people, vehicles, and animalsHundreds of motorists were left stranded by the snowstorms.We were stranded at Moscow airport.The jellyfish were stranded on the beach.beached stuck in shallow water or on the shore, and unable to move – used about whales, sea creatures, and boatsThey helped push the beached whale back into the sea.the owner of the beached vessel
Examples from the Corpus
stuckI can't open the window - it's stuck.Obviously it is worth keeping watch over the pond during these times to ensure that the fish do not become stuck.They tried to drive through the snow, but the car got stuck.This drawer is stuck.Douglas drove very carefully, making sure that Jean didn't get stuck at the traffic lights.The elevator was stuck between two floors.While some special interests get fat, the average taxpayer gets stuck cleaning up the manure and feeling pretty frail.She had got stuck getting out of Belfast, and got lost trying to take a short cut round the traffic jam.Sorry I'm late. I got stuck in traffic.He would instead become stuck making endless comparisons and contrasts, often making no decision at all or a purely random one.But here I am stuck now and can't go out in case I bump into her.I was getting stuck with all their problems.got stuckStepping down off the chair to pick it up, so did I, and I got stuck.She had got stuck getting out of Belfast, and got lost trying to take a short cut round the traffic jam.Richie had attempted to open some beans and the opener got stuck half way round the lid and refused to go any further.The candy got stuck in my teeth.One got stuck in some orange pancake syrup.I guess Waldo must have been the codename for CorelDRAW 2 during development and it got stuck in the code.Somehow he got his toe stuck in the drain.I arrived late for supper, having got stuck in the flats with my boat.Then his cab got stuck in traffic, for which I thanked the Lord.He stripped off his clothes and jumped overboard to free the straps when they got stuck under the raft.stuck in/atDavis recalled becoming lost on a private rural road and stuck in a ditch when he tried to turn around.The three incense sticks stuck in a howl of rice were burning steadily to their bones.The back tires were stuck in a shallow ditch, and nothing we did made any difference.On top of the boulder of his head sat a tweed hat with a grouse feather stuck in its band.Why should I want to look at pictures of you stuck in little cracks?Bob was stuck in meetings all afternoon.The sharp rocks, or moraine, which were stuck in the glaciers caused them to scrape out the valleys much deeper.Stressors can also be negative events, like dealing with an irate boss, getting stuck in traffic, or undergoing surgery.get stuckAnd I hated it even more when I rented one in New Zealand and it got stuck.Stepping down off the chair to pick it up, so did I, and I got stuck.Well, when he grabbed the tar baby, he got stuck.But Ranger 1 got stuck in low orbit around Earth, as did Ranger 2 three months later.He should get stuck in, or get out.If a punting pole gets stuck in the mud the best thing is to twist it.When you get stuck, what do you want me to do?