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studdedstud‧ded /ˈstʌdΙͺd/ adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 DCdecorated with a lot of studs or small jewels etc πŸ”Š studded leather jackets πŸ”Š a diamond-studded watchstudded with πŸ”Š a belt studded with jewels2 covered or filled with a lot of somethingstudded with πŸ”Š The sky was clear and studded with stars. β†’ star-studded
Examples from the Corpus
studdedβ€’ She was pretty, with freckles, wearing a bright blue tracksuit with a white and gold studded belt.β€’ The new studded boots gave his players poise and confidence and were a vital factor in their 3-1 win.β€’ She wears a pink suede jacket with a studded fringe which she takes great care to hang.β€’ studded leather bootsβ€’ He wades in among the pair of them, grabs their studded leather collars and starts yanking them away.β€’ His joint was taken from his hand by a man in his forties with a studded leather jacket flung across his lap.β€’ His cheek pressed against the studded metal.β€’ Suitable for kitchens only, quarry tiles or studded rubber are both attractive and hardwearing.studded withβ€’ The island is studded with white sand beaches.
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