Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: estudie, from Latin studium 'mental effort, eagerness, study', from studere 'to be eager, try to be helpful, study'


1 noun
Related topics: Music, Visual, House
stud‧y1 S3 W3 plural studies


[countable] a piece of work that is done to find out more about a particular subject or problem, and usually includes a written report:
More studies are needed before anything can be proven.
Recent studies show that women still get paid a lot less than men.
study of/into/on
a study of Australian wild birds
make/carry out/conduct a study
The study was carried out between January and May 1998.
case study


[uncountable] when you spend time learning, especially at home or by yourself rather than during school:
Set aside a period of time specifically for study.
ways to improve study skills (=skills that help you study efficiently and be successful in school)


[uncountable] also studies
a subject that people study at a college or university
study of
Linguistics is the study of language.
Environmental Studies
literary/historical/scientific etc study
the scientific study of earthquakes

somebody's studies

the work that someone does in order to learn about a particular subject, especially the courses they take at a college or university:
How are your studies coming along?
begin/continue/stop etc your studies
I gave up my studies when I had the baby.

careful consideration

[uncountable] when you examine or consider something very carefully and in detail:
a report that deserves careful study


[countable]DHH a room in a house that is used for work or study [↪ office]


[countable]AV a small detailed drawing, especially one that is done to prepare for a large painting:
Renoir's studies of small plants and flowers


[countable]APM a piece of music, usually for piano, that is often intended for practice

be a study in something

literary to be a perfect example of something:
His face was a study in fear.

a quick study

American English someone who learns things quickly

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