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stuff it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstuff itstuff itspoken used to say angrily or rudely that you do not care about something or do not want something I thought, stuff it, I’ll do what I want. stuff
Examples from the Corpus
stuff itShell it out, or stuff it?Take your whining and stuff it.Some one else must have helpfully stuffed it all back again.He tore it free, stuffed it in his pocket and returned the pad, slamming the drawer and locking it.Without a word she jerked it out of his hand and stuffed it in the garbage.I stuffed it inside the file, closed the briefcase and put that back in the wardrobe.She broke off a piece of baguette, spread it with butter and jam, stuffed it into her mouth.He took off his tie and stuffed it into his pocket.
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