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stuff yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstuff yourselfstuff yourself (also stuff your face) informalEAT to eat so much food that you cannot eat anything elsestuff yourself with The kids have been stuffing themselves with candy. stuff
Examples from the Corpus
stuff yourselfThe naan bread was big; we'd both stuffed ourselves with it during the meal but it was still big.We laugh as we stuff ourselves with bouillabaisse.Your son knows where it comes from even if he doesn't take the stuff himself.I watched Claude stuff himself into his trousers.We do know that some people stuff themselves with fiber and still get cancer.When I first started thinking about Christmas, I decided to spend it alone and stuff myself with food.The Scarecrow stuffed himself with fresh straw and Dorothy put new paint on his eyes that he might see better.She so obviously hadn't given up stuffing herself with Salmon's cream buns.
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