2 verb
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stuff2 [transitive]


[always + adverb/preposition] to push or put something into a small space, especially in a quick careless way [= shove]
stuff something into/in/up something
She stuffed two more sweaters into her bag.


to fill something until it is full:
Volunteers were busy stuffing envelopes.
be stuffed with something
a pillow stuffed with feathers
boxes stuffed full of papers


DFC to fill a chicken, pepper etc with a mixture of bread or rice, onion etc before cooking it

dead animal

TIC to fill the skin of a dead animal in order to make the animal look still alive:
a stuffed owl

stuff yourself

also stuff your face informal to eat so much food that you cannot eat anything else
stuff yourself with
The kids have been stuffing themselves with candy.

get stuffed

British English spoken used to tell someone very rudely and angrily that you do not want to talk to them or accept their offer:
He only offered me £10 for it, so I told him to get stuffed.

somebody can stuff something

spoken used to say very angrily or rudely that you do not want what someone is offering:
'All right. You can stuff your money!' Reynolds exploded.

stuff it

spoken used to say angrily or rudely that you do not care about something or do not want something:
I thought, stuff it, I'll do what I want.

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