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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstuffystuff‧y /ˈstʌfi/ adjective  1 AIRa room or building that is stuffy does not have enough fresh air in it It’s getting stuffy in here – do you mind if I open the window?2 SERIOUS PERSONpeople, occasions, or places that are stuffy are too formal and old-fashioned – used to show disapproval Their wedding was stuffy and formal. a stuffy old familystuffiness noun [uncountable] the stuffiness of the room
Examples from the Corpus
stuffyCome on Dad. Don't be so stuffy!Victor was as old-fashioned as his father, and equally stuffy.The room was hot and stuffy.The hotel room was hot and stuffy, and I woke up with a terrible headache.A stuffy atmosphere, or one which is artificially heated, air-conditioned and lit, produces lethargy and depression.You will not find a stuffy bureaucrat in him.It's getting stuffy in here -- shall I open the window?Georges is a stuffy individual who dresses in black tie just to watch Don Giovanni on television.I wish I could escape from this stuffy little office.You can find ways of taking advantage of good weather while others are shut in stuffy offices.The stuffy people finally listen to this genius, then they stand and applaud.They stood around her in the stuffy room, aghast.
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