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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstumpystump‧y /ˈstʌmpi/ adjective  HBHSHORT/NOT LONGstumpy legs, fingers etc are short and thick in an unattractive way syn stubby
Examples from the Corpus
stumpyTwo stumpy cylinders, covered with brown corduroy, dangled from the edge of the coat furthest from the head.They are all rather clumsy and fairly large, being distinguished from the parasols of the period by their short stumpy handles.They bumped up the stumpy hillside.He ran surprisingly fast on his stumpy legs but eventually he gave up and slowed to a despairing walk.Indeed, they can barely manage even to run, for they have only soft ballooning tubes to serve as stumpy legs.Up on Flagler Street, Wayne Elko slouched past the stumpy palms.Instead it has one long ribbon-like fin that runs along its underside from close to its stumpy tail to its head.Somnolent now within its low grey walls and stumpy towers, it was once rich on salt, and powerful to boot.
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