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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstuntedstunt‧ed /ˈstʌntɪd/ adjective  not developing properly or to full size He’s emotionally stunted.
Examples from the Corpus
stuntedThe willows between Essoldo and stream were old, stunted and easy to climb.See the magnificent church of St. Mary, surrounded by small white houses set amongst palm trees and stunted eucalyptus.The discovery of his idol's feet of clay proves intolerable to the lonely, emotionally stunted fan.If it continues over a long period it could even lead to stunted growth.A few stunted rowan trees reinforced the feeling of desolation.Holly no longer looked at him, he stared back at the stunted ruin that had been the office of the Commandant.They stood like stunted spectres, and he winced at their disfigurements as he drew close.He could even pick out the dots of furze bushes and stunted yew trees on the steep slopes.
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