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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstupiditystu‧pid‧i‧ty /stjuːˈpɪdəti $ stuː-/ noun (plural stupidities)  1 [countable, uncountable]STUPID/NOT SENSIBLE behaviour or actions that show a lack of good sense or good judgment all the horrors and stupidities of war2 [uncountable]STUPID/NOT INTELLIGENT the quality of being stupid
Examples from the Corpus
stupidityThis was at odds with everything the rangers had said about Adivassi laziness, Adivassi stupidity.In the end it was only his own meanness and stupidity that brought down nemesis.His cursing, stupidity and general obnoxiousness provide ample material for Sedaris' wit.Several guys were wounded because of his stupidity.Gedge pointed out the inherent stupidity of the famous theatrical cliché.They've described the incident as mindless stupidity.For all my stupidity, I was able to understand that much.The past 41 years have been an endless parade of stupidities.Recognisable human failings-pomposity, stupidity, naivety and cunning-came together in hilariously believable scripts.Clearly, more and better research will be required if science hopes to find a cure for diet-related stupidity in our lifetime.
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