Date: 1200-1300
Language: Latin
Origin: stilus 'pointed stick, stylus, style of writing'


1 noun
style1 S2 W1

way of doing something

[uncountable and countable] a particular way of doing, designing, or producing something, especially one that is typical of a particular place, period of time, or group of people:
an attempt to use Japanese management style in a European business
style of
different styles of handwriting
Baroque/Swedish/country etc style
Cuban-style black beans and rice
a Colonial style house
The dinner will be served buffet style.

somebody's way of behaving

[countable] the particular way that someone behaves, works, or deals with other people:
Children have different styles of learning: some learn by seeing, some by hearing, some by doing.
be more somebody's style (=used to say that you prefer something)
I don't think the parachuting weekend is for me - the art class is more my style.
I like your style (=approve of the way you do things), Simpson.
I can't ask a man out - it's not my style (=it is not the way I usually behave).


[uncountable and countable] a typical way of writing, painting etc that is used by a particular person or during a particular period of time:
The paintings are in an expressionistic style.
Hemingway's direct style
in the style of somebody/something
a play in the style of classical Greek tragedy


a) [countable] a particular design or fashion for something such as clothes, hair, furniture etc:
Car styles have changed radically in the past 20 years.
traditional/modern style
The rooms are furnished in a modern style.
b) [uncountable] the quality of being fashionable:
young women interested in style rather than comfort
in/out of style
Long skirts are back in style.

attractive quality

[uncountable] a confident and attractive quality that makes people admire you, and that is shown in your appearance, or the way you do things:
You may not like her, but she certainly has style.
The team played with style.

correct writing

[uncountable] a way of using words or spelling that is considered correct:
It's not good style to use abbreviations in an essay.

in style

done in a way that people admire, especially because it is unusual, shows great determination, or involves spending a lot of money
in great/grand/fine etc style
Sampras won the title in fine style, not losing a single game.

➔ cramp somebody's style

at cramp2

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