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stylussty‧lus /ˈstaɪləs/ noun [countable]  1 TCRthe small pointed part of a record player, that touches the record2 a thing shaped like a pen, used for writing on wax, making marks on metal, writing on a special computer screen etc
Examples from the Corpus
stylusThe Father General sat at his desk and fingered a stylus.Alexander Bain, the inventor, devised a way of skimming raised metallic letters with a stylus attached to a pendulum.George gestured for Sofia's notebook and stylus.An electrode-bearing stylus is used to read the signals and is in contact with the surface of the disc.The pickup's stylus must faithfully track undulations which are smaller than the wavelength of light.As the stylus is moved over a pattern, the router duplicates the original.Without amplification, cylinders could only be reproduced more loudly by altering the leverage between the stylus and the reproducing diaphragm.
From Longman Business Dictionarystylussty‧lus /ˈstaɪləs/ (also stylus pen) noun (plural styluses or styli /-laɪ/) [countable]COMPUTING something like a pen that you can use for touching a computer screen, or writing on it etc
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