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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuavesuave /swɑːv/ adjective  POLITEsomeone who is suave is polite, confident, and relaxed, sometimes in an insincere way syn smooth a suave and sophisticated gentlemansuavely adverbsuavity, suaveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
suaveThey were led by a suave and brilliant student called Granville Sharpe-Pattison.All the waiters were suave and deferential, but her waiter had an edge.A suave and sophisticated style reminiscent of matinee idols if the thirties.He was tall and suave, careful in dress, careful in behaviour.The sketches paired macho athletes with their more urbane, suave counterparts.Reginald was suave, handsome and charming.The curé was a suave man, dark, with an impassive long face, a thin unsmiling mouth.Miguel lit a cigarette with a suave mannerism that had been well rehearsed.Cool, suave, sophisticated - in control of her own life.
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