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subatomicsub‧a‧tom‧ic /ˌsʌbəˈtɒmɪk◂ $ -ˈtɑː-/ adjective  HPEsmaller than an atom or existing within an atom subatomic particles
Examples from the Corpus
subatomicThe residue will consist of cold, invisible, subatomic ashes.To take a simple example, the important subatomic particle called the electron has a negative electrical charge.The quantum level is the level of molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, etc.It investigates phenomena which range in size from subatomic particles to the universe itself.The B mesons can now be assured of a place in the tables of known subatomic particles.Quantum cryptography exploits a key principle of quantum mechanics, according to which certain aspects of any subatomic process are inherently unknowable.
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