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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubduedsub‧dued /səbˈdjuːd $ -ˈduːd/ adjective  1 BRIGHT#subdued lighting, colours etc are less bright than usual syn gentle2 QUIETa person that is subdued is unusually quiet and possibly unhappy Richard seems very subdued tonight. a subdued manner ‘Oh, ’ she said in a subdued voice.3 EXCITED#an activity that is subdued does not have as much excitement as you would expect opp lively The housing market is fairly subdued.4 a sound that is subdued is quieter than usual
Examples from the Corpus
subduedFar below, the tiniest candle-flame sending out the smallest light, flickering, subdued.The fields and woods were shut in under it, emptied and subdued.Price had seemed rather subdued after the meeting.Investment is expected to remain subdued and a period of destocking is possible as firms respond to lower demand.The van's windscreen gleamed darkly in the subdued car-park light.Inflation remained subdued in September.Share issues were subdued in the early 1980s but rose strongly after that as the market improved.Even the extremities of her limbs were tingling pleasurably, a subdued kind of electricity running through her entire body.The subdued light made Mary appear pale.
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