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subject matter

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubject matterˈsubject ˌmatter noun [uncountable]  SUBJECTwhat is being talked about in speech or writing, or represented in art The movie has been rated ‘R’ due to adult subject matter.
Examples from the Corpus
subject matterThe child-use section contains instructional materials in a wide variety of format and subject matter for the children themselves.Griggs became famous for the controversial subject matter of his art.Schooling is about more than just subject matter.Although each chapter discusses many applications, the editors carefully cross reference subject matter within the diverse chapters to reduce redundancy.A few years later, Mr Matthiesen saw a picture of the same subject matter when previewing forthcoming sale material at Sotheby's.First, such programming draws huge audiences, which suggests that people are interested in both the subject matter and the subjects.The subject matter was much too technical for her, many of the words almost incomprehensible.
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