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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsublimesub‧lime1 /səˈblaɪm/ ●○○ adjective  1 GOOD/EXCELLENTsomething that is sublime is so good or beautiful that it affects you deeply The view was sublime. Her songs are a sublime fusion of pop and Brazilian music.2 DON'T CAREused to describe feelings or behaviour that are very great or extreme, especially when someone seems not to notice what is happening around them an air of sublime contentmentsublimely adverbsublimeness noun [uncountable]sublimity /səˈblɪməti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sublimeThe almond cake is particularly sublime.We are taught, correctly, that forgiveness is sublime, but often forgiveness leaves us unjustly suspended in emotional conflict.I was amazed at his sublime insensitivity to other people's feelings.But others saw it in a more sublime light.They get compared to Kraftwerk quite a lot-mainly because their songs are based around the most sublime melodies.Light in texture, it is sublime served with cascades of cream poured over.A happy holiday course in a sublime setting sums up Ufford Park nicely.Once the necessary control has been acquired, the two beings are fused and reach sublime spiritual joy.
sublimesublime2 noun  1 the sublime2 from the sublime to the ridiculous
Examples from the Corpus
sublimeIt brings out the worst and the best in people, the ridiculous and the sublime.Her wordy text clearly aims for the sublime, but it ends up collapsing into the ridiculous.In the machine age there was little place for the sublime.The works range from the sublime, with textured prints in iridescent gold, to humorously eccentric meat and sky collages.All of this may seem a digression from what this article set out to be: an inquiry into the sublime.In the twentieth century experiences of the sublime have been extended to include those which have been made possible by technology.It's easy to understand that the vast wilderness encouraged thoughts of the sublime.
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