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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubliminalsub‧lim‧i‧nal /sʌbˈlɪmɪnəl/ adjective  MINDaffecting your mind in a way that you are not conscious of a subliminal message subliminal advertising (=with hidden messages and pictures in it)
Examples from the Corpus
subliminalAny kind of subliminal advertising is illegal on British TV.Beneath its realist exterior, it too can make its more subliminal appeal.The most subliminal form of unsafe noise comes from the radio.Harrison perhaps intended the star-flower as a subliminal message.Young people are receiving constant subliminal messages glorifying pop stars, their cars, their girlfriends.The synthetic drugs reigned supreme, carrying their subliminal toll of side effects.I didn't know it then but I was receiving subliminal training for later business life.subliminal messageHarrison perhaps intended the star-flower as a subliminal message.Because the price the consumer would have to pay in ignoring the subliminal message is just too high.A subliminal message to Western youth.
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