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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubsequentsub‧se‧quent /ˈsʌbsəkwənt/ ●●○ W2 AWL adjective formal  AFTERhappening or coming after something elseconsequent These skills were passed on to subsequent generations. subsequent pages of the booksubsequent to something events that happened subsequent to the accident
Examples from the Corpus
subsequentThey are placed here mainly for your enjoyment and for subsequent discussion with friends and teachers.After the first, each subsequent divorce becomes statistically more likely than the one before.Therefore, it is likely that subsequent empirical studies will confirm this negative relationship for index futures.Many of Marx's theories were disproved by subsequent events.These skills were then handed down to subsequent generations of craftsmen.Subsequent investigations did not uncover any new evidence.The first meeting will be in the City Hall, but all subsequent meetings will be held in the school.What will the impact be of this on subsequent rehabilitation, having had the same stress of acute infarct?It is thought that uric acid crystals serve as a nidus for calcium oxalate crystallization resulting in subsequent stone formation.In other words, cash limits were not expected to be adjusted during the subsequent year to take account of inflation.
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