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subsistence farming/agriculture etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubsistence farming/agriculture etcsubsistence farming/agriculture etcfarming that produces just enough food for the farmer to live on, but does not produce enough food to sell to other people subsistence
Examples from the Corpus
subsistence farming/agriculture etcIt report points out that, in many developing countries, women are primarily responsible for subsistence farming.She will most probably be involved in agriculture, in subsistence farming of crops like rice.This vast, dispersed rural workforce would need, and would receive, only the education needed for manual subsistence farming.Wine formed the most important cash crop, while cereal production generally took the form of subsistence farming.The graphite boom temporarily reduced the social and economic importance of subsistence agriculture in the Low Country.In the early l960s Bengali agriculture consisted mainly of subsistence farming.It was there in 1903 that quarrymen went on strike for three and a half years, surviving on subsistence farming.Preferential interest rates also favor commercial over subsistence farming in many countries.
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