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subspeciessub‧spe‧cies /ˈsʌbˌspiːʃiːz/ noun (plural subspecies) [countable]  HBa group of similar plants or animals that is smaller than a species
Examples from the Corpus
subspeciesThere is a subspecies called philosophers of science who ought to be better equipped.A subspecies comes from Hawaii, and is probably the one pictured.Fukuyama is unlikely to attach much weight to Liberation theology, which he would no doubt classify as a doomed subspecies of Marxism-Leninism.Tod has a sensing mechanism which guides his responses to all identifiable subspecies.If man has emerged as a master species, why should we not look forward to a master subspecies or race?This supposedly protected subspecies continues to die in the tuna nets - Sam LaBudde witnessed 200 drown in a single net.Seventeen and a half thousand species of butterfly have been described-but they are divided into a hundred thousand subspecies.
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